Christmas Carols and Motets
CD 1: The Holly and the Ivy
 1 Anon., 17th c.: Patapan1:01
 2 J.H. Hopkins: Hymn: We Three Kings of Orient Are3:57
 3 Anon., Trad., England: I Saw Three Ships2:05
 4 Anon., Trad., England: The Coventry Carol2:23
 5 Edmund H. Sears & Richard S. Willis: It Came Upon the Midnight Clear2:25
 6 Anon., 16th (spring carol): Good King Wenceslas (text: J.M. Neale, 19th c.)2:46
 7 C.J. Alexander & H.J. Gauntlett: Once in Royal David's City2:38
 8 Anon., Czech Carol: Rocking (Hajej, nynjej)1:32
 9 Anon., Trad., England: The First Nowell4:01
10Anon., England: Christmas carol: God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen3:09
11George Wither (lyric) & Ralph Vaughan Williams (arr.): Wither's Rocking Hymn2:25
12Joseph Möhr & Hans Grüber: Silent Night2:55
13Anon., Trad., England: Wassail Song1:33
14Anon.: Dormi Jesu!1:26
15Anon., ca 15th c.: Boar's Head Carol1:47
16Anon., London Wait: Past Three o'Clock1:56
17Anon., medieval & Gustav Holst (arr.): Lullay My Liking2:43
18Anon., 15th c. & Peter Warlock (arr.): Adam Lay Ybouden1:14
19Anon., Germany & Robert Herrick (word / 1647: Christmas-play carol: Herrick's Carol1:39
20Anon., 14th c.: Angelus ad Virginem1:47
21Anon., medieval & Cecil Sharp (arr.): Carol: The Holly and the Ivy2:44
22Anon., Germany (? / Scheidt & J.S. Bach (harmonization): O Little One Sweet2:41
23Anon., medieval, Chester Ms (ca 1425): Processional song of the Nuns of Chester2:30
24Anon., 16th c.: Winter-Rose2:25
25Anon., 14th c. arr. Bach: Carol: In Dulci Jubilo3:30
 Alfred Deller, counter-tenor / Desmond Dupré, lute / Stanley Taylor, recorder
The Deller Consort
/ Alfred Deller, director
April Cantelo, soprano / Alfred Deller, counter-tenor / Gerald English, tenor / Maurice Bevan, baritone
CD 2: Hark, Ye Shepherds!
 1 Anon., traditional, old Welsh: Deck the Halls1:15
 2 Felix Mendelssohn: Hark! the Herald Angels Sing (text: Charles Wesley)2:00
 3 Anon. William Ballet's Lute Book: Lute-book Lullaby2:20
 4 Anon., traditional: Ye Shepherds1:54
 5 George Frideric Handel (attr.): Joy to the World (text: Isaac Watts)1:38
 6 Anon., traditional: Down in Yon Forest2:31
 7 Anon., traditional, old Besançon: Carol tune: People Look East2:01
 8 Anon., traditional: Blessed Be That Maid Mary1:31
 9 Anon., ca 1520-1530: Sir Christmas2:59
10Anon., 15th c, arr. Michael Praetorius (arr.).: Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming2:26
11J.F. Wade: O Come All Ye Faithful2:54
12Anon.: The Twelve Days of Christmas2:45
13Anon., traditional: Here We Come a-Wassailing2:42
14Johann Georg Ebeling: All My Heart This Night Rejoices2:44
15Anon., traditional, Germany, 15th c.: Joseph Dearest (Song of the Crib)5:56
16Anon., traditional: I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In2:20
17Geoffrey Shaw: How Far Is It to Bethlehem? (text: Frances Chesterton)3:10
18Anon., traditional, Czech: The Birds1:12
19Anon., traditional: Elizabethan popular tune: The Old Year Now (Greensleeves) (text: anon. 17th c.)2:03
20Anon., traditional, England (west country): A Merry Christmas1:37
 The Deller Consort / Alfred Deller, director
Eileen Poulter, soprano / Mary Thomas, soprano / Alfred Deller, counter-tenor / Wilfred Brown, tenor / Gerald English, tenor / Maurice Bevan, baritone
Desmond Dupré, guitar

Alfred Deller, counter-tenor
CD 3: Carols and Motets for the Nativity of Medieval and Tudor England
1Guilelmus Monachus: Gymel (instr.)1:13
 2 Anon.: Nowell, nowell: Tidings true4:04
3Roy Henry (Henry VIII?): Sanctus (instr.)1:41
 4 Anon.: Blessed be Thou, Heavenly Queen2:04
 5 Anon.: Qui natus est3:56
6Anon.: Burden and Carol (instr.)4:55
 7 Anon.: Nova! nova!2:09
 8 Anon.: Angelus ad virginem (instr.)1:04
 9 Anon.: Hail, Mary full of grace3:40
10Richard Smert: In die nativitas3:39
11Anon.: There is no rose of such virtue3:08
12John Dunstable: Kyrie (instr.)2:41
13Richard Pygott: Quid petis o fili5:55
14Anon.: Carol: I saw (instr.)0:54
15Anon.: Nowell, nowell: Out of your sleep2:36
16Guilelmus Monachus: Fauxbourdon (instr.)1:28
17John Dunstable: Quam pulchra es2:37
 The Deller Consort / Alfred Deller, director
Honor Sheppard, soprano / Mark Deller, counter-tenor / Alfred Deller, counter-tenor / Robert Tear, tenor / Maurice Bevan , baritone
Musica Antiqua Wien / René Clemencic, director
CD 4: Christmas Carols and Motets of Medieval Europe
 1 Anon., end of 15th, Czech hymn book: Motet (à 4): De Nativitate Domine2:08
 2 Giacomo Fogliano: Lauda: Ave Maria2:51
 3 Jan of Jenstejn: Monody: Decet huius cunctis horis5:16
 4 Pedro de Escobar, Cathedral Library, Tarazona, Spain Ms: In Nativitate Domine (à 4)1:35
 5 Anon., end of 15th, Czech hymn book: O Regina, Lux Divina (à 3)3:09
 6 Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina: Motet (à 4): Hodie Christus natus est1:36
 7 Byttering, Old Hall & York Mss: Motet (à 3): Nesciens mater2:02
8Johannes Ciconia, Codex Trent: Et in terra pax (instr.)2:52
 9 St. Godric, British museum, Ms Reg. v. f.vii,f: Crist and Sainte Marie1:52
10John Dunstable: Sancta Maria2:32
11Anon., Codex Montpellier: Isorythmic motet: O Maria virgo (instr.)2:34
12Anon., England, 14th c., British Museum add. 29987: Gloria4:54
13Henricus Isaac: Introït (à 4): Puer natus2:59
14Thomas Stoltzer: Foeno iacere (instr.)1:47
15Ludwig Senfl: Maria Zart2:56
16Leonel Power, Old Hall Ms: Motet (à 3): Beata Progenies1:19
17Anon., England, early 14th c.: Alleluya psallat2:26
 The Deller Consort / Alfred Deller, director
Honor Sheppard, soprano / Mark Deller , counter-tenor / Philip Todd, tenor / Maurice Bevan , baritone
Musica Antiqua Wien / René Clemencic, director
Helmut Ascherl, renaissance trombone, hurdy-gurdy / René Clemencic, recorder, organ / Wolfgang Hartl, alto pommer, renaissance bassoon or dolzian, bass krummhorn / Erwin Kellner, renaissance trombone / Bernhard Klebel, soprano pommer, krummhorn / Hubert Koller, tenor gamba / Paul Maurer, tenor pommer, krummhorn, drum / Hans Radbauer, glockenspiel, drum / Gerhard Stradner, zink, fiddle, recorder / Hans Tchedemnig, renaissance alto trombone / Peter Widensky , finger-hole horn, recorder, organ / Fritz Würzler, renaissance trombone